Saturday, February 2, 2013

Guest book on display

After the big day is over, it's a sad fact that the wedding things usually get packed up in a box and stored for eternity. 

What if we got a little creative with our wedding memories so that they could become a part of our new home, instead of being banished to the attic?

Brides everywhere are being inspired by these nontraditional ideas to replace the guest book:

source: Southern Weddings magazine
source: Southern Weddings magazine

Here are two examples of a thumbprint-tree, to be framed and and incorporated in your new home's decor.

source: Emily Baughn
I love this idea: having your guests highlight their favorite Scripture in a Bible that can be prominently placed and referred to often.

source:  the plunge project
This bride and groom gave guests a fabric-safe marker to sign their wedding quilt.

source: Southern Weddings magazine
Place the signatures on a monogram of your new initials for a sweet wallhanging.

source: Edison and Ford Winter Estates
And here's an idea that can grace your mantle for happily-ever-after: signed, smooth stones gathered and displayed in an elegant glass jar.

May your marriage be as beautiful as the memories of your big day ♥

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