Thursday, October 11, 2012

Couples costumes!

I don't like Halloween in general. But I love parties, and I love fun costumes. The fun is doubled when your sweetie agrees to let you make a fool of him dress him up, too! Are you searching for the perfect costumes for you and your beloved? Check these out!

The fact that I think this costume idea is soooo funny probably dates me.... but I laughed out loud when I saw it! Publisher's Clearing House Prize Patrol. It definitely needs more and shinier balloons, and possibly a mud mask to go with "the winner's" hair-curlers-and-robe getup. Definitely easy to pull together, and I think it's genius!

Here's a tutorial for a Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood. I love the wolf costume. I wonder if my mister could be persuaded....

    Kinda dorky, but pretty great: Google Maps :D 
Sorry, I couldn't find a tutorial for this one!  You'll have to wing it!

How about lovebirds? Incredibly simple (or you can be as elaborate as you like!) Start with a pair of glasses frames and matching feathers, and see where inspiration takes you!

Other ideas:

News anchor and cameraman: 
Anchor: business suit, microphone, chunky necklace, and big hair  
Cameraman: jeans, t-shirt, headset and huge camera (raid the thrift stores for an 80's videocam and paste a station logo to the side)

Charlie Brown and the little red-haired girl: 
CB: a yellow t-shirt with a black zigzag painted, sewn, or glued on, with black shorts;
LRHG: a minidress and red wig, with Mary Janes

Peace and quiet:
Peace: (hippie) bell-bottoms, long, straight hair (or wig), flower crown
Quiet: (mime) white face make-up, beret, black clothing

Weatherman and "Chance of Rain": 
Weatherman: business suit, side-parted hair, an earbud, maybe a weather-themed necktie?
Chance of rain: (described in link above) a rain cloud, carrying a water pistol. 

I hope these ideas get you started! Have a great time!

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