Thursday, October 11, 2012

Couples costumes!

I don't like Halloween in general. But I love parties, and I love fun costumes. The fun is doubled when your sweetie agrees to let you make a fool of him dress him up, too! Are you searching for the perfect costumes for you and your beloved? Check these out!

The fact that I think this costume idea is soooo funny probably dates me.... but I laughed out loud when I saw it! Publisher's Clearing House Prize Patrol. It definitely needs more and shinier balloons, and possibly a mud mask to go with "the winner's" hair-curlers-and-robe getup. Definitely easy to pull together, and I think it's genius!

Here's a tutorial for a Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood. I love the wolf costume. I wonder if my mister could be persuaded....

    Kinda dorky, but pretty great: Google Maps :D 
Sorry, I couldn't find a tutorial for this one!  You'll have to wing it!

How about lovebirds? Incredibly simple (or you can be as elaborate as you like!) Start with a pair of glasses frames and matching feathers, and see where inspiration takes you!

Other ideas:

News anchor and cameraman: 
Anchor: business suit, microphone, chunky necklace, and big hair  
Cameraman: jeans, t-shirt, headset and huge camera (raid the thrift stores for an 80's videocam and paste a station logo to the side)

Charlie Brown and the little red-haired girl: 
CB: a yellow t-shirt with a black zigzag painted, sewn, or glued on, with black shorts;
LRHG: a minidress and red wig, with Mary Janes

Peace and quiet:
Peace: (hippie) bell-bottoms, long, straight hair (or wig), flower crown
Quiet: (mime) white face make-up, beret, black clothing

Weatherman and "Chance of Rain": 
Weatherman: business suit, side-parted hair, an earbud, maybe a weather-themed necktie?
Chance of rain: (described in link above) a rain cloud, carrying a water pistol. 

I hope these ideas get you started! Have a great time!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lifelong love: Debbie and Jake

30 years ago
Debbie and Jake are a shining example of college sweethearts turned forever love! Their first meeting was very Romeo and Juliet-esque, with Debbie sitting, reading, in a third-floor dorm window, legs dangling. Jake and a roommate were passing by on the ground below. The fellas hollered up to her, and went on their way, and Jake was already hooked. He had a bit of a job ahead convincing Debbie, however.

He was patient, and made an effort to be a friend to her, and it was with this kindness and friendship that he gained her heart. When she told him that her favorite M&M's were the green ones, he bought every bag in town and sorted every green one out to fill a shoebox as a surprise gift for her. She decided he was the man for her!

Now, 30+ years later, Debbie reflects on a life built together in Christ: learning to be patient with her spouse but quick to deal with her own sin, and embracing trials as a chance to grow in the Lord and draw closer to Him and to each other:

"Draw near to God. Cherish your spouse as a precious gift from God chosen especially for you. Treat each other with kindness and respect. Laugh together often. Enjoy the sweetness of each day as you walk through life together."

"Laugh together often..."
Debbie and Jake view their marriage as a precious thing, to be treasured and protected, no matter what it takes. And they're enjoying it every step of the way!

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