Monday, December 3, 2012

First Christmas Together!

You're newly married, and anticipating your very first Christmas together, ready to create memories with your own traditions.

How about starting with Our First Christmas Together ornaments?

I found this idea on Pinterest originally. I had to do a little hunting, but I finally found its original source, with instructions (if you need them) on Spoonful. Saw off a piece from this year's tree, mark it with the date, and create an ornament for future Christmases! This is a super-simple project that even the craftily-challenged can accomplish.

Source: Spoonful

It's such a sweet way to commemorate your first Christmas together. My family is by no means celebrating our first Christmas, but we are getting our first real tree after many years of a boxed, artificial one! I can't wait (and the children are pretty excited, too)! We are definitely going to do this.

Do you have an extra invitation left from the wedding? Here's a lovely keepsake ornament that you can DIY!

Source: unknown

Is your only wedding invitation permanently adhered to a page in your album? No worries, wife of many years! Grab cardstock and a scanner and make some copies! 

Some of us are short on time, but love the homey feel of the handmade. Craft fairs and holiday boutiques might be the thing for you. Or, get acquainted with a site like Etsy, where you can shop handmade and vintage from the comfort of home! Many artists are delighted to customize an order just for you. I found this ornament there; two pieces of a puzzle, permanently joined, the perfect symbol of forever love:

Source: TheCreativeLaser

 And then there are also, of course, thousands of choices for store-bought mementos. I love this one just because it's so sweet, simple, and pretty, and it will match just about any Christmas tree theme throughout the years:
source: Macy's 2012 Lenox Always & Forever ornament

Wishing you a merry and bright tree-trimming!

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