Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lifelong love: Katie and Jeremiah

A gorgeous wedding scene!
When Katie and Jeremiah happened upon each other online, Katie knew she'd found the man of her dreams. From their first conversation, she decided she wanted to be his forever.

These two wasted no time! After two months, Katie spent a week in Jeremiah's home state. He fell in love on the spot, and proposed that very week. Fast-forward (and I do mean fast!) less than one year: married and expecting a brand-new baby girl!

Katie and Jeremiah can tell you about challenges:

They have moved their household 700 miles... twice.

They have five children, and two of their babies were born only one year apart!

They were both let go from their jobs at the same time, with a newborn at home, and had trouble finding new work.

Katie can't exactly explain what it is that makes them work together so well. She believes that she and Jeremiah are meant for each other. She tells him that God gave him to her to be her guardian angel, and without him, she doesn't know where she'd be. He stood by her while she was going through difficult personal issues. They pray together, study the Bible together, and go to church as a family. He supports and encourages her, and he makes her laugh. She cannot imagine a life without him.

Seven years have given Katie a little insight:

Seven years later
"Compromise. You must be willing to meet each other halfway. Also, never go to bed angry! They say it all the time, and it is so true. We've done this too many times, and I can tell you, you will regret it. "

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  1. Aweeee how sweet!! I was there when they first met and am happy to say that everything about this is true! :)

  2. I love stories like this <3 So happy for you two!

  3. Have just caught up reading the stories you've posted so far. It's so encouraging to my husband and I to know that there are other couples out there who have denied divorce and instead committed a life time to each other. Praise God for upholding these couples and us! We are praying for miracles in marriages throughout this nation!